How do I initiate a claim?

Contact your nearest branch where the sales representative will explain and assist you with the claiming process.

Alternatively, e-mail a fully completed claims form along with documentation needed to

What documentation is required from me?

For a speedy claim process, please ensure you e-mail or have the documents on hand when visiting a branch to claim.

  • A completed claim form.
  • A certified copy of the deceased’s death certificate
  • A certified copy of the deceased and the claimant’s ID books.
  • Valid copy of bank statement, not older than 3 months of the account into which the benefit is to be paid.
  • If claiming for a child : a certified copy of abridged birth certificate.
  • SAPS Statement in case of unnatural death.

Note: Additional information may be required.

Where do I get the claim form?

The claim is downloadable  Here  or obtainable at the branch where the claim is initiated.

How soon will my claim be paid?

Funeral claims will be paid out within 48 hours.

 *Subject to receipt of all relevant documentation and satisfaction of policy terms and conditions.

Why are claims rejected?

Non-Payment of Premiums– If premium payments are not up to date and in accordance to the policy’s terms and condition, the claim may be declined.

Waiting Periods     – Policies are subject to waiting periods as stipulated in the policy certificate. Please ensure that you read and understand waiting periods applicable to your policy.

Fraudulent claims– fake claims taken with intent to defraud the company.

How do I know when my claim has been processed?

Once your claim has been approved and paid, you will receive an SMS notification.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Phone: 0861 666 335